Do you second guess yourself with your writing and your life purpose?

Resurrect your writing craft, grow in confidence knowing your life purpose, and write the wrong!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course show me my life purpose? Will it affirm me whether I am to write or not?
1. Yes, it will point you toward your life purpose if you do the work over the next 90 days. 2. Yes, your answers will show you whether you are to write or not.
How long do I have access to the Recipes to Discover My Life Purpose and to Write My Hard Story?
You have 90 Days to work through the 12 tabs/weeks.
What if it takes me longer than 90 days to work through the Course?
The Course is open and yours for 90 Days. YOU have instant access to over 35+ PDF's of tested and tried writing and life purpose coaching material that is yours, if you download it all. The Videos are yours to view for 90 days!
What do I have once the 90 days is over?
NOW you know: you have clarity! Which grows your confidence. And you have tools about YOU. You see yourself on paper through all the coaching worksheets. Your core values, spiritual gifts, crucial roles, skills, abilities, talents, limiting beliefs, pain points, heart's desire, which all POINT to your unique life purpose. You're smiling. Your Life Matters! The pain counts. You know it! And you are writing your hard story out. If you invested your time in the Course with the 12 videos and the 35 + Coaching PDF's sprinkled throughout, you have your answers to each of the "How tos." ---------- Plus, you've been writing your hard story on paper, typing scenes on your Word Doc, exploring creative and publishing options, expanding social media, and you're writing the doubt right out of your life. --------- PLUS, you have Your Life Matters LifePlan as your guide for your future steps! --------
What are people saying that have taken the course?
1. This course helped Evelyn to clarify her life purpose. She is writing a devotional and curriculum. I am so proud of her!
What are others saying?
"My year of coaching with Darlene was an investment with true Kingdom impact. Are you having a problem "putting it together"? (Your story, your pain and to get it down on paper and your life purpose!) If so, this course is for you... My former life-coach, Darlene Larson has designed a truly God inspired idea. Check this out!!! " Diana P.
What are others saying?
"This is what I have been looking for with the practical how tos - to write and launch and where to begin to write my story." G.F.
What I discovered through this course?
I would say provocative, stimulating, and requiring a lot of personal reflection and thought, nothing negative. I have never thought so much to clarify my purpose and feelings before as was required in the course. I will continue to go back over it as a tool to stay focused on what God has done in my life and my calling and purpose. Thank you for all you put into the course. Amazing! God bless you! Mrs.M
Will this course help me bring up my buried craft?
Yes, if you do the work!
Will this course help me begin to write?
Oh, yes, if you choose to do as guided, for sure!
Will this course help me write from my heart?
OH, YES, if you do the work!

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Overcome self-doubt by writing and resurrecting your buried craft!

This 90 Day easy DIY life changing course allows you to discover your life purpose while resurrecting your creativity!

Own the 11 "how to coaching recipes tabs" which include step by step coaching so that you can identify your talents, values, gifts, pain points, and your leverage of uniqueness from your story to create: (art, music, books, websites...)

DISCOVER YOU and who you're to become!

Contentment grows. Self-doubt shrinks. Satisfaction in your own skin soars. YOU know who you are!

In 90 days you will learn: the author's secret recipes for success and how she learned to shift from self-doubt and the lie of believing her life did not matter and that she could not write.

Now a published author of five books and more to come!

You too can learn to do this!

You Will Learn:

  • How to cast your doubt aside and gain clarity and confidence.
  • How to get your hard and heavy story out of you onto paper and experience freedom and then joy!
  • How to resurrect your buried creativity to create.
  • How to use your pain for purpose as you step forward.
  • How to begin to build a platform with human hearts that you want to touch with your story.
  • How to grow loyal friends and followers on Social Media (if you choose) so that you can touch their lives with your created craft.
  • How to get your message out to the masses to XXX the Kingdom.
  • How to shrink the second guessing and grow in confidence as you create.
  • How to save time, tears, and MUCH money, take this course and you downsize your self-doubt to grow in confidence with your creative route while your smile expands.
  • How to like yourself, affirm yourself, so that you feel joy.
  • How to walk away from uncertainty to celebrate life and live well.
  • How to grow confidence to what is next in your life to leave your imprint!
  • Become an overcomer. Whole and content knowing your life Purpose!
  • This course shows the way and receive so much good as you celebreate you and grow!

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Your Instructor

Darlene Larson, Author, Life Purpose Coach
Darlene Larson, Author, Life Purpose Coach

Author, Life Purpose Coach, Grief-Loss Coach, Darlene Larson offers three courses:

A FREE Mini Course- Recipes to Awaken Your Heart to Live!

A 90 Day Course- Recipes to Discover Your Life Purpose for Women!

A 90 Day Course- Recipes to Discover Your Life Purpose for men and women, that lean toward writing their hard story!

Contracted with an award winning literary agent, author of five books, Darlene Larson is a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach® and Grief-loss Coach as she coaches women around the world.

Learn how to cast your doubt aside, embrace your unique giftedness, discover a wealth of information about yourself, and what makes your heart come to life - living out your life purpose, and begin to live the life you were meant to live! Darlene is founder of Hearts With a Purpose